Get Cash for Referring TractBuilder Tools!

TractBuilder is now giving people who refer new customers a “Thank You” in the form of a check.

“Many of our sales have been from happy users telling their peers about our products” says Kyle Souza, Sales Manager for TractBuilder, “We would like to reward our customers who tell others about our tools, so we are offering that any user who refers a new customer will receive 10% of the initial purchase from TractBuilder. So, if a user refers a sale of their Metes & Bounds and Quartering Tools for $1500, the user would then receive $150.”

During a time in which most companies are trying to get whatever they can, it is nice to see a company who is rewarding customers in such a generous fashion. Certain restrictions apply, so contact TractBuilder for details.

The TractBuilder Metes & Bounds Tool Features:
· Text-to-Polygon Auto-Conversion
· Integrated Attribute Entry (creating a shape and adding attributes at the same time)
· Use many units of measure (chains, arpents, varas, meters, feet, poles, etc)
· Extract the metes and bounds of an existing feature, regardless of origin (including curves)
· Curve calls (Delta, Chord, Arc Length; with or without tangents)
· XY/Lat Lon calls (handles multiple projections in a single layer)
· Mix methods of data entry (auto-convert, hand drawing, guided entry, and free hand entry)
· Surveyor Options
     – Ability to set a Distance Scale Factor (for the entire feature or by individual calls)
     – Ability to set a North Angle Offset (for the entire feature or by individual calls)

The TractBuilder Quartering Tool Features:
· Integrated Attribute Entry.
· Standard Calls (NE4, S2 S2, SE4 SW4 SE4 SE4, etc)
· Less & Excepts (NW4 less NW4 NW4, etc)
· Joined features(S2 and SW4 NW4, etc)
· Distance calls (The North 200 FT, The West 12 Acres of the NW4, etc)
· Diagonal Calls (SW2, SE2 NW4, etc)
· Works on irregular sections and many other shapes (such as parcels for easements)

The TractBuilder Drafting Tools for ArcGIS work with ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo version 9.3 and above; and can edit any file type that ArcMap can edit (shapefiles, geodatabases, etc). This allows users to purchase the basic ArcView license, add the tools, and begin drafting in the most efficient manner possible.
For more information on these amazing tools, please visit

UPDATE: This initiative is non longer active and has been replaced with our customer referral program.

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