Drafting Tools Package


This is a package that includes both the TractBuilder Metes & Bounds Tool and the TractBuilder Quartering Tool.

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The Metes & Bounds Tool simplifies the process of drafting mapping features based on metes & bounds legal descriptions. If you have ever mapped this type of legal description then you will appreciate the amount of time that the TractBuilder tools will save you. There are multiple ways of taking a written legal description and importing it into a mapping system. The method you use will depend on your skill level and the complexity of the legal description. In some cases, you will be able to copy and paste the legal description into the tool and identify the starting point and you will be done. In others cases, particularly very simple tracts, you will enter the short hand for the few calls and be done.


The Quartering Tool enables you to create GIS features based on Public Land Survey System (PLSS) aliquots. Instead of using an imaginary land grid that does not match real world conditions, the TractBuilder Quartering Tool builds the resulting feature from nearly any section basemap, including those available with the TractBuilder Live online data service. Since the Quartering Tool can use your existing data, you are unlikely to have any misalignment issues due to conflicting data sources.

Small businesses can rent the TractBuilder Drafting Tools Package on a month-to-month basis. To see if you are eligible please contact

This item includes one year of support and updates.
This item is not eligible for refunds.
This item is compatible with ArcMap 9.3 and higher.
The required Annual Maintenance Fee for this item is $295.00.
Government & Non-profit users please contact us for pricing.

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