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Diagonal Calls
Distance Calls
Area Calls
Less & Except Calls
Attribute Entry

Quartering Tool


The Quartering Tool allows users to efficiently map aliquot descriptions common in PLSS areas.

Tool Features
Integrated Attribute Entry.
Standard Calls (NE4, S2 S2, SE2 SW4, etc)
Less & Excepts and Joined features (NW4 Less NW4 NW4, S2 And SW4 NW4, etc)
Distance calls (The North 200 FT, The South 12 Acres)
Works on irregular sections and many other shapes (such as parcels, for easements).

The Annual Maintenance Fee for this item is $295.00.
This product is compatible with ArcMap 9.3 and higher.
This item is not eligible for refunds.

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The TractBuilder Quartering Tool enables you to create GIS features based on Public Land Survey System (PLSS) aliquots. Instead of using an imaginary land grid that does not match real world conditions, the TractBuilder Quartering Tool builds the resulting feature from nearly any section basemap, including those available with the TractBuilder Live online data service. Since the Quartering Tool can use your existing data, you are unlikely to have any misalignment issues due to conflicting data sources.

Description Types

Going above and beyond, the TractBuilder Quartering Tool supports descriptions based on:
Common Aliquots
Common aliquots, such as North Half (N2) or Northwest Quarter (NW4)
Diagonal halves, such as Northeast Half (NE2)
Specified distance from one side, such as the East 700 Feet (E700 Feet)
Specified area on one side, such as the East 250 Acres (E250 Acres)
Less statements that exclude areas based on any of the above call types, such as ALL LESS E250 Acres.

Attribute Value Entry
TractBuilder understands from our experience that there is more to getting a feature into a mapping system than simply getting the polygon outline created. That is why the Quartering Tool provides a simple and easy means for entering in attribute information for the feature being created, completely eliminating the steps and time required to use another tool to finish the task.
Attribute Entry
Simply click on the Attributes tab and supply the values prior to creating the feature. It’s that easy.

This item includes one year of support and updates.
This item is not eligible for refunds.
This item is compatible with ArcMap 9.3 and higher.
The required Annual Maintenance Fee for this item is $295.00.
Government & Non-profit users please contact us for pricing.

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