Well Spotting Tool


The TractBuilder Well Spotting Tool allows users to create points and lines from a spreadsheet containing footage calls in PLSS sates. Users can easily import the spreadsheet in ArcMap and the tool will create points with or without secondary points (such as top hole and bottom hole locations), and a line connecting the two points if desired.

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The TractBuilder Well Spotting Tool allows you to create points and lines from footage calls in a spreadsheet in PLSS areas. Using a spreadsheet which contains location information (meridian, township, range, and section) and footage calls from section lines the Well Spotting Tool will create points and lines with attributes (from all fields in the spreadsheet).

The Well Spotting Tool is very versatile. Not only can a user create a single set of well spots from a spread sheet, but also secondary points, and connecting lines. This is critical when working with horizontal wells, such as when needing to map thousands of top hole, bottom hole, and well bore locations in a matter of minutes!

This item includes one year of support and updates.
This item is not eligible for refunds.
Use of the TractBuilder Well Spotting Tool requires the TractBuilder Quartering Tool.
This item is compatible with ArcMap 9.3 and higher.
The required Annual Maintenance Fee for this item is $495.00.
Government & Non-profit users please contact us for pricing.

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