Data Creation Innovation: An Easy Way to Turn a Spreadsheet into Polygons

TractBuilder has made creating data easy with its Tools for ArcGIS, and now it is even easier with the Auto-Quartering Tool. For the first time, a simple spreadsheet containing Township-Range-Section information and a legal description can be used to create polygons.

“We like making people’s lives easier,” Kyle Souza, Sales Manager for TractBuilder, “that’s why our drafting tools for Metes & Bounds and Aliquots have been so popular, they are just so easy-to-use. At the end of last year we released our Well Spotting Tool, which allows users to import a spreadsheet with footage calls for multiple well locations and creates shapefiles with well points and wellbore lines. And we already have the Quartering Tool for ArcGIS, which makes creating individual polygons super efficient; some users report as many as 80 polygons with attributes per hour, and that is by doing them one at a time. It is just natural that we make a tool for users to create this type of data from a spreadsheet.”

The Auto-Quartering Tool can perform all the same types of calls that the TractBuilder Quartering Tool can:
Standard Calls (NE4, S2 S2, SE2 SW4, etc)
Less & Excepts and Joined features (NW4 Less NW4 NW4, S2 And SW4 NW4, etc)
Distance calls (The North 200 FT, The South 12 Acres of the West Half, etc)

Any columns in the spreadsheet will automatically be added as attributes to the resulting polygons, so you don’t have to worry about adding the info to the polygons once they are created. As with their other tools, TractBuilder has designed the Auto-Quartering Tool to work with ArcView, as well as other ArcMap/ArcGIS products. And this tool is compatible with versions 9.3 and up (including v10 sp1).
The Auto-Quartering Tool will debut at a reduced price of $1995 and include the regular Quartering Tool for all orders placed by the end of May, 2011. That’s half off the regular price for these tools! Please contact TractBuilder for details.

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