Free Software for the Unemployed

There are many unemployed in the geospatial sector. During this down time many take the opportunity to learn new skills, or may be able to get some “side work”. From now until the end of the year the TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS are free to anyone who is currently unemployed.

“Right now is a time where specific segments of the US economy and the global economy are suffering, and often times funding for the geospatial division of a company gets cut, resulting in unemployment. What we want is to give those who are skilled and driven a new “tool” for their “tool belt”; maybe helping them with getting a “gig” or two, or at least a chance to learn something new. I am pleased to be with a company who is happy to give software to those who can’t afford it right now, and of course my real hope is that these people who have been laid off, or their company has gone under, are able to find sustainable income soon.”

To receive your free copy, e-mail, if you would like a trial of the software before receiving your license you can download one at While this program is designed for those looking for work, regular sales inquires can be sent to the above address as well.

The TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS (specified in this news item) allow users to create polygons from legal descriptions, both metes & bounds and quartering (aliquot) descriptions. As an extension to ArcMap these easy to use tools give anyone who creates polygons exactly what they need.

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