Metes & Bounds and Quartering Tools FREE for Users of Competing Products

TractBuilder is so confident that you will enjoy using their metes & bounds tool and quartering tool that they are willing to give free licenses to anyone using a competing product. The TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS, which work with ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo, allow users to create polygons and lines according to legal descriptions, in the most efficient manner possible. Containing several unique features, such as the text-to-polygon auto convert, the TractBuilder Tools for ArcGIS have quickly become a favorite for creating new data.
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Features of the tools include:

Metes & Bounds Tool:
1. Integrated Attribute Entry
2. Text-to-Polygon Conversion
3. Curve calls (Delta, Chord, Arc Length; with or without tangents)
4. XY/Lat Lon calls (handles multiple projections in a single layer)
5. Ability to set a distance factor and offset angle per feature or per point
6. Mix auto-convert, hand drawing, guided entry, and free hand entry
7. Extract the metes and bounds of an existing feature (including curves)

Quartering Tool:
1. Integrated Attribute Entry
2. Standard Calls (NE4, S2 S2, S2 SW4, etc)
3. Less & Excepts and Joined features (NW4 Less NW4 NW4, S2 And SW4 NW4, etc)
4. Distance calls (The North 200 FT, The South 12 Acres)
5. Works on irregular sections and many other shapes (such as parcels, for easements)

A free trial of the tools, and more information, is available at

Kyle Souza, Sales Manager for TractBuilder, explains the impetus behind this announcement, “We believe we have the best tools on the market for creating features from legal descriptions. We only have a few competitors out there, such as the LandWorks Parcel Edit Tools or Tobin GIS Studio; and we want people who are currently using a tool to do this kind of work to know that there is something else out there that does the job easier and faster!”

UPDATE: This initiative is no longer active.

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