Software Development Services

Some organizations need customized features that off-the-self software does not provide.
TractBuilder can assist customers in these situations through custom development agreements.

Tool Web API

If your organization needs to added functionality found in our desktop tools to a custom application or website, TractBuilder has available a web service that allows the functionality of our tools to be easily integrated into virtually any application. Best of all, our tool API has no ArcGIS dependencies allowing you to save costs and hassles associated with licensing ArcGIS Server.

Custom Data Processing

For organizations that have data in a format that cannot be processed automatically, TractBuilder can assist by creating conversions to allow the legals to be processed automatically, which can save time and money compared to a manual conversion.

Specialized Mapping Tools

Not all companies have the same needs when it comes to mapping. If your organization has a repetitive task that is time consuming, it is time to look into optimizing your workflow with a custom tool. TractBuilder can help you analyze your data creation process and provide guidance and custom tools to make you more efficient and accurate.