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The TractBuilder Auto-Quartering Tool allows users to create polygons from a spreadsheet containing legal descriptions in PLSS areas. The Auto-Quartering Tool creates polygons with attributes using the data stored in the spreadsheet.

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The TractBuilder Auto-Quartering Tool allows you to create polygons from legal descriptions in a spreadsheet in PLSS areas. Using a spreadsheet which contains location information (meridian, township, range, and section) and an aliquot legal description the Auto-Quartering Tool will create polygons with attributes (from all fields in the spreadsheet).

With dozens of features being created per minute work that used to take more than a week can be done in less than a day, easily converting all types of calls into polygon features with attributes.

The Auto-Quartering Tool can understand all sorts of legal descriptions:
Standard Calls – The Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW4 NW4)
Diagonal Calls – The Southwest Half (SW2)
Footage Calls – The East 200 Feet of the North Half (E200Feet N2)
Acreage Calls – The South 14 Acres of the Southwest Quarter (S14Acres SW4)
Less & Excepts – W2 Less N10Acres SE4
Multis-Part – S2 SE4 SE4 And SW4 SE4

You can start using the TractBuilder Auto-Quartering Tool and begin saving time today!

This item includes one year of support and updates.
This item is not eligible for refunds.
Use of the TractBuilder Auto-Quartering Tool requires the TractBuilder Quartering Tool.
This item is compatible with ArcMap 9.3 and higher.
The required Annual Maintenance Fee for this item is $495.00.
Government & Non-profit users please contact us for pricing.

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